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Family Portraits

Natural Family Portraits

Relaxed Family Portraits

With People You Love

Fun Family Portraits

In Places You Love

Family Portraits in and Around Northamptonshire,

With People You Love, In Places You Love

When it come to family portraits, not everybody enjoys the “studio experience”. Some family members simply will not have the patience for it, and believe I have photographed plenty of stressed Dads and red eyes in my time … !

And that is where Purity comes in – Natural Family Portraits. Where the portrait becomes more than the people, it also starts to become more about the time and the place also.

Whether your family is the two of you or seven of you, with my Purity Family Portraits we let your imagination (and mine occasionally!) loose, and allow everybody to have fun and create their own magic. You choose the location, or I can help if you are struggling, and providing it’s not a howling gale or pouring rain we’ll meet up and capture some great moments.

Family Portrait Ideas

And creating memories is only the start of it, preserving them for the future is as vitally important. So Purity is about Family Portraiture that will stand the test of time. Your USB stick will be presented in a folio that includes some highlight images from the session, but why not add to that and fully immortalise your family, at that time and that place, in a stunning piece for the wall or a bespoke souvenir photobook?

Your Purity Family Portrait Session


  • Around 2 hours with you and your family.
  • Location of your choosing.
  • All images on a USB stick.
  • Souvenir USB folio.
  • Further print options available.
    (Frames & Books)


“Relaxed Family Portrait sessions for all Northamptonshire and surrounding areas, at a location of your choosing where the whole family can be completely relaxed and comfortable.”

If the family members you wanted portraits of were of the furry variety with a couple more legs then please head over to read about my “Unleashed” service for Pet Portraits.