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Dog Portraits

"Unleashed" Dog Portraits

Relaxed Dog Portraits

Your Four Legged Friend

Fun Dog Portraits

In Familiar Places

Pet Portraits On Home Turf, Familiar Territory

Somewhere That Brings Out Their True Character

Unleashed Dog Portraits is all about getting right down to the true essence of a dog. That is very difficult in a studio setting, but much easier in a setting that is more familiar to them. So that is why I come to you, on home turf, where your four legged friend is instantly more relaxed.

Let me come and join you on a regular walk, or even in the garden, with a favourite toy surrounded by people and places they recognise. We’ll have some fun, we may not stay clean, but what you will get is some great characterful portraits to enjoy.

So, you choose the location, anywhere in Northamptonshire or surrounding areas is good for me. I look forward to meeting you and best friend … or friends of course …

Dog Portrait Ideas

And creating memories is only the start of it, preserving them for the future is as vitally important. So Unleashed, like all my work is about Dog Portraits that will stand the test of time. Your USB stick will be presented in a folio that includes some highlight images from the session, but why not add to that and fully immortalise your canine buddy, at that time and that place, in a stunning piece for the wall or a bespoke souvenir photo-book?

Your Unleashed Dog Portrait Session



  • Around 2 hours with you and your friend.
  • Location of your choosing.
  • All images on a USB stick.
  • Souvenir USB folio.
  • Further print options available.
    (Frames & Books)


“Dog Portrait sessions for all Northamptonshire and surrounding areas, at a location of your choosing where the furriest member of the family will feel at ease in familiar surroundings.”

If you were considering involving the humans of your family in a Family Portrait session then please head over to read about my “Purity” service for Family Portraits.