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_D7N0618Myself and the family have just returned from a holiday in northern Finland, well inside the arctic circle. We stayed at a fantastic resort not very far from Ivalo airport, called the Kakslauttanen Hotel.

_D7N0468We were fortunate enough to be there on Valentines Day, and were lucky to witness the fantastic wedding of a Scottish couple, who had organised their wedding at the resort. After a night probably spent in one of the glass igloos, the guests gathered in the Ice Chapel and awaited the arrival of the bride. The brides mode of transport was no vintage or flash motor car, but a Finnish sledge with a seat of reindeer hides and pulled by a handsome, if slightly grumpy, reindeer. Across the wooden bridge over the frozen lake, up the hill past the row of snow igloos, to arrive at the beautiful Ice Chapel. Crafted


from snow, the bare snow floor carefully brushed by attentive staff prior to the guests arrival, and adorned with stunning ice sculptures it was a truly magical setting.

Perhaps, at -20 degrees centigrade it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but there can be no doubt that it was a unique and truly memorable experience for everybody attending this very special wedding.