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Phil&Marie21-4459I know, it’s that awkward topic, the one that unfortunately sometimes leads to a short telephone call – your Wedding Photography budget …


I am a true believer that, with everything in life (cars, houses, hi-fi, *uuhumm* cameras …… Las Vegas spending money) once you have set your budget you stick to it. No deviations, no distractions, no falling for a sales pitch. If the money isn’t there, it just isn’t there. No hard feelings, and certainly no need to feel uncomfortable.

All I will say is this – be realistic.


That’s realistic with your expectations, realistic with your requirements, realistic with your needs and realistic with what you are wanting to achieve. If you have set a realistic budget, and you stick to that, you will surely then be satisfied with your decisions.

Drage_31Aug13_274So what do you need to know about my service that will allow you to make that realistic decision?

Let me explain my approach to wedding photography:

  • I want to know all about you and your day, and that takes time before the wedding day.
  • I provide a dedicated service to your day and your day alone. You will be my complete focus for that day.
  • More often than not I will be with you ALL day and that will normally mean in excess of 1000 images, that number of images is not just an evenings worth of tinkering.
  • Normally I will be designing a book and that is a process in it’s own right and does not happen overnight.
  • The products that I offer, I have to trust will last, I don’t settle for the cheapest – I choose sensible products for my Clients requirements.
  • Queensberry Wedding Albums from New ZealandI operate as a business, I am providing a service for recompense, and as such I take the responsible approach in terms of accounting, insurance and lots of boring stuff like that – boring stuff that unfortunately costs me money.
  • The reality of running a business is, after everything else has been done, that the business has to be shown to be making a profit.

So, in summary, all in all you will be receiving 1 – 2 weeks of my dedicated time, skill and energy. You will be receiving products that I trust to offer you the years of enjoyment that I know will come from them. I will be offering you the assurance and peace of mind that I am operating responsibly, in your interests, and that I am not a “flash in the pan”. I am here for the long haul.

All of this has value, and all comes with inevitable cost.


So there you have it – that is how I work, and how I have set my prices.


The next question is whether that suits your Wedding Photography budget, and perhaps may raise the question of whether your budget was realistic in terms of your original expectations?


Either way, if you are still unsure, just give me a call and we can discuss that some more.