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_D7N1013Just a sneak preview (a very mere sneak is all you get right now!) of events at the weekend. The bride arrived down the long gravel driveway at Highgate House in a beautiful Jaguar XKR, driven by a man in a skirt which is not something you see every day!

(I do of course mean a kilt, obviously, and I say that with tongue firmly in cheek and with the utmost respect!)

It was a little cramped for the bride and her beautiful dress in the cockpit, and of course there was no room for Dad, so it was an elegant if not an unconventional arrival for the bride. The weather left a little to be desired, it played havoc with my photography, but it certainly did not spoil what was a fantastic day. With over 500 images to sort and refine there is plenty of work for me to do whilst the very lucky, and happy, bride and groom are in sunnier climes!!