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_D7N2390I have just received my new sample albums – the one I call the Deluxe Coffee Table Book. It’s a hardback book, that is fully customisable, with photographic, fold-flat pages allowing true edge to edge printing.

So what does all that mean?

Photographic Pages

Printed on photographic paper, you have the quality of a photograph as you would get in a traditional wedding album, but with the design flexibility to create a bespoke “storybook”.

_D7N2382Fold Flat Pages

Standard coffee table books, just like any normal hardback book are traditionally bound so that the pages do not open completely flat. This means that you will generally lose the part of the image that meets the spine, not a major problem as we would normally design around that restriction. The Deluxe Book has pages that open completely flat, that then removes this restriction and allows us to fully “bleed ” the image across the pages uninterrupted. This gives us much more design flexibility and improves the viewing experience of your wedding photographs.



Fully Customisable

The advantage that a Coffee Table Book brings is the way in which you can “tell the story” of the day a great deal easier than a traditional album. Images can overlap, they can bleed into one another and can be positioned logically to aid that storytelling process. You would normally include in these books many images that may not be used in a traditional album, like more candid and reportage shots.

_D7N2387Beautifully Presented

_D7N2392Professionally bound and coming with their own presentation box, these books are certainly not the poor relation to the traditional album. Often purchased with an album, they are the book that will spend time being viewed again and again, with the album perhaps coming out on special occasions. However some people value their accessibility and storytelling and so will have one instead of an album.



Also Available:

Smaller replica books or “Parent Books” are available as well as sets of miniature duplicates or “Guest Books” in sets of 8, meaning that other family and friends can enjoy their own copies of the same storybook.

To get a look at these samples please contact me to arrange a free of charge, no obligation viewing at your convenience. I look forward to showing them to you.