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_D7N1728The Classic Coffee Table Book is kind of my first tier of wedding books. It can make an economical alternative to a top of the range album, or could be an additional book – the one you keep out all the time, not just for special occasions.

Best described really as a conventional hardback picture book, constructed just as any book you find in a bookshop, but with YOUR pictures. The pages are digitally press printed so perhaps do not have quite the same impact as photographic pages, they might not feel quite so special, but you will feel less inclined to wrap them up and cosset them – which in turn encourages you to keep it on the side and flick through when you want. More accessible, no less special, it may not have cost as much but I am positive it will be looked at more often. Isn’t that what pictures are about anyway? To be looked at? As often as you can?