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I quite regularly get myself into strife with other photographers over certain issues (I have a feeling this may be another one of those occasions ?), but I do seriously believe that wedding photographers in particular just need to get over themselves sometimes.

Cameraphones are everywhere now. Mobile phones are much more than they used to be, and so much more than a telephone. They are our diary, our contacts, our navigation system, our portal to the world wide web. However, more importantly, they are the only camera that we carry around with us wherever we go, and one thing I am passionate about is the saying “the best camera in the World is the one you have with you”.

So with all these mobile phones and tablets out there it is inevitable that, as a wedding photographer, I am going to encounter many of them in my work. What I mustn’t do is become aggravated by it, because a wedding is about guests too and I am in no way about to spoil their day by getting on my high horse.

And this is where I fall out with many photographers. So offended are they by these contraptions that some feel it necessary to request their couples to make it clear to their guests that mobile phones will not be tolerated!

How dare they …. I say …

You see, I don’t believe it’s our place to make those kinds of demands on the proceedings. Yes, you would hope that guests are respectful, and there are times I might ask for some space to work, but the day is special to them too. If a bride and groom instruct their guest to refrain from taking pictures, that is one thing, but I am certainly not going to lay down the law where it is not my place.

I consider it a skill, to carry out my work, and yet still to remain respectful of everybody’s wishes to take home their own memories of the day. In fact sometimes it can work to my benefit and give me some opportunities to capture an alternative viewpoint on the day …. as seen through your guests eyes!

It is after all the way of the world now. There is no point fighting against it, it’s like trying to hold back a tide. I choose to embrace it for what it is and try where I can to use it in my favour.