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2013 J&A Jon GR-1-5“Getting married?” they said “who will you trust to be your Wedding Photographer?”

It was asked almost as if me being a wedding photographer made it any more difficult, but really it is a question that anybody should be asking before their wedding, and perhaps not just about photography, but any service that you are looking to employ on the day.

And let’s introduce the beautiful Mrs Jon P Farmer at this point … or Ann as she prefers to be called …. without whom this post would not be possible …. Smile

2013 J&A Jon GR-1-2Our choice of photographer was simply based on the same criteria that anybody should base a decision of this nature. Trust, Quality, Style and Skill. I had only met Jenny Martin once a couple of years ago, but we were fellow photographers, and we had joined various discussions on forums and chatted online about a number of matters. So I knew generally what made Jenny tick, I knew her work and the quality of images she produces, I knew that her style of photography was very similar to mine and she quite obviously has the right skills to produce great photographs.
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So it wasn’t difficult at all for us, and it should not be for you either, trust your gut instinct. Do you like their photographs? Do you like them? Do they like you? Do they run their business in a professional way that puts you at ease? Would you feel comfortable knowing that the safety of your memories are placed in their hands? Have a clear idea and make a list of what you want, make sure that your photographer understands and embraces that, if they don’t “get it” then perhaps they are not the right choice. Jenny was all of the above, so we knew it was going to work.

W J&A copyright-2-2They don’t necessarily have to be local, but it will help if they are – Jenny lives in Manchester so all our discussions took place over email or Facebook, but we knew each other well enough beforehand which made it easier for us. Having your photographer close to hand will always make discussions and meetings more productive and helpful, but as we proved it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that, social media and modern communications makes anything possible these days.

So trust your instincts, you know who you like and who you don’t. Don’t make it all about money, remember that the photographs are going to be the only lasting record of your special day – memories fade, but good photographs don’t!

To start finding out more about me, a Wedding Photographer in and around Northamptonshire … start here …. and if you’re in Manchester why not find out a little bit more about Jenny Martin …..